02 October 2012

how to make a witch

My mom made this witch years ago. I have always liked it and finally got around to making one for me. This is a very inexpensive and fairly easy craft.

What you'll need:
-a piece of dog-eared fence. (The older, the better. If you don't have a scrap of it, you can buy one piece of fence for $2 that will make 3.)
-2 tree branches about 12 inches long
-Scraps of Halloween fabric or ribbon
-Green and black paint
-Plastic spider

Here's how to do it:
1. Paint the top 5" of the wood black (the dog-eared part--this will be the hat)
2. Paint the tree branches black and set aside.
3. Paint the witches face green and let dry.
4.Once the face is dry, paint two black dots for the eyes
5. Tie about 20 strands of raffia together in the middle. Then hot glue it at the top of the face in the middle.
6. Hot glue the one of the branches for the hat brim right above the hair.
7. Hot glue the ribbon above the hat brim.
9. Put a little raffia at the end of the other branch for the broom. Attach some ribbon.
10. Hot glue the broom. Add a spider for even more festiveness!

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