21 January 2011

Themed Party: A COLOR Party

I planned a very fun "COLOR" themed party a few years ago. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend because I had a hot date with my boyfriend who would become my husband a year later. My sister had just got home after being abroad and she wanted to throw a party that would be fun and a good way to reconnect with old friends. So this is what I came up with:


Costume Contest: Have your guests dress up in one color. You could assign them a color, but I wouldn't so they can use things they have. I wish I had pictures from our event, but I do remember one of my sisters decided to be gold, so she wore this gold shimmery dress from a thrift store, gold boots, gold jewelry, and a gold headband. Let them know they don't need to buy an outfit and they can just find things around their house. Making this activity into a contest will help them not feel hesitant to go all out.

Food/Treat: Along with each guest wearing an outfit of one color, have them bring a treat or snack that is the same color as their outfit. For example, if they are wearing green, they could bring grapes or green apples. For red, they could bring strawberries and red starbursts. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could supply all the food and buy different colored ingredients for a chocolate fondue. Activity/Game: Play the game "TRUE COLORS." This is a game for teenagers + so if you are throwing this party for younger kids, you may not want to use this activity.

Party favors: Wrap up any multi-colored treat in clear cellophane bags so the colors will show through.

  • Use colored chinese lanterns. You can often find them at the dollar store.

  • Use skittles for confetti on the table to add more color


  1. I love this idea, Mel :) I am going to do this soon!!

  2. How fun! Lots of great ideas! I want to do this soon too.



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