25 June 2012

simple celebrations: june 25-july 1

This week's simple celebrations:
25-Great American Backyard Campout
26-Toothbrush Birthday
27-Sunglasses Day
28-Paul Bunyan Day
29-Camera Day
30-Meteor Day
1-Hershey Inc. Day + my birthday :)

19 June 2012

a happy birthday package

I whipped up this mini fabric bunting for a little birthday gift.
It matches a birthday banner I finally got around to making. I'll post about it soon...

18 June 2012

simple celebrations: june 18-24

This week's simple celebrations:
18-National Splurge Day
19-Eat an Oreo Day
20-National Juggling Day
21-Go Skateboarding Day
22-National Chocolate Eclair Day
23-National Pink Day
24-UFO Day

11 June 2012

simple celebrations: june 11-17

This week's simple celebrations:
11-National Hug Holiday
12-Red Rose Day
13-Weed Your Garden Day
14-Flag Day
15-National Electricity Day
16-No Orange Clothes Day (Law in Holland in 1784)
17-Bake Your Own Bread Day and Father's Day!!

05 June 2012

mini s'more kits

I was putting together a birthday package for my little sister when I realized that I needed to put something out of the ordinary in there. Since she won't be able to have many campfires on her own this summer (since she is serving a mission for our church), I thought a mini s'more kit would be just the perfect thing.

Never heard of a mini s'more? I think they are just about the cutest thing. Not to mention, they are fun to make. Let me tell you how to make them.

First, you need gather a tea light, toothpicks, mini marshmallows, golden grahams cereal, and chocolate chips.

Then, you light the tea light. Put a marshmallow on the toothpick and then roast it over the flame.

Once it is roasted to your liking, put it between 2 golden grahams. And don't forget to add a chocolate chip in there, too!

Now you have a mini s'more. Pop it in your mouth and make s'more!

I packaged all the contents up to make this mini s'more kit:

This would also make for a fun date idea or activity to do with friends during a game night. Or how about a party favor or gift? The possibilities are endless!

04 June 2012

simple celebrations: june 4-10

This week's simple celebrations:
4-Old Maid's Day
5-National Gingerbread Day
6-National Yo-Yo Day
7-National Family Recreation Day
8-Ice Cream USA Birthday
9-Donald Duck's Birthday
10-Where the Wild Things Are Day


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