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I owe my festiveness to my mom who made every holiday fun and festive despite the fact that there were 7 children in my family and we didn't always have a ton of money to do elaborate things. Although most of them were simple, they have become traditions and memories that live on.

In honor of her (she passed away from cancer in 2001), this is my list of holiday and festive ideas gone public. She was the most festive person I know and this is my attempt at trying to keep the festiveness alive! Many of the ideas posted here are traditions and ideas from her, but I always love to try new ideas and hear about new ones. If you would like to share your favorite holiday and birthday activities, ideas, recipes, and/or traditions, send an email to

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll stay a while!

::about me::

My name is Melissa, by I'm also called Mel and mom. I love holidays, traditions, event planning (3+ years of professional and corporate experience), sunshine, gelato, traveling, photography, cooking, all things artsy, redoing furniture, thrifting, and running. I own a custom Guest Book business and currently live in SLC, Utah with my husband and baby.  

*I would LOVE to do your event. Send an email to for prices and details.

::other main contributors::

Andrea is a perfectionist and puts my work to shame. She has 3 little boys and continues to have endless festive ideas for parties and gifts.

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