21 July 2010

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is this Saturday, July 24th. My family hasn't ever really had any big Pioneer Day traditions, but there are some fun things going on in the Salt Lake Valley. For an entire list of events, click here

I would love to hear any of your Pioneer Day traditions!

10 July 2010

Themed Party: Italian Dinner Party

My husband makes the BEST Fettucine Alfredo. Ever. I may be biased, but I would choose his any day over any restaurant's. We had been telling our friends how good it was and we finally had a dinner party so they could taste it for themselves.

This was a simple party, but still very festive. We decided to have everything Italian.


Appetizers~Olives, Breadsticks

Drink~Italian Sodas

Main Dish~Fettucine Alfredo topped with Grilled Chicken

Dessert~Homemade Strawberry Gelato


I didn't have much time to get anything fancy for decor, but let's face it. Lots of times you just have to improvise with what you have. I found a few things around the house. I moved this painting out by the table to set the mood and help us feel like we were really in an Italian restaurant.

I made some simple name cards. Name cards are an easy way to add just a little extra spice.

I love gelato! When I was in Italy, I saved a lot of the special gelato spoons for an occasion just like this. You don't have to go to Italy to get any. You can probably find a gelato shop near you. Make a date out of it and save the gelato spoons for your own dinner party! These are gelato spoons in case you didn't know what to look for:

I sent out an Evite just to add some extra flair and confirm a time.

It was simple, but the food was excellent and so was the company. Not all parties need activities or a lot of structure.

Buon Appetit!


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