30 April 2012

simple celebrations: april 30-may 6

This week's simple celebrations:
April 30-National Oatmeal Cookie Day
May 1-May Day/Cheerios Birthday
2-National Baby's Day
3-Sun Day
4-Star Wars Day
5-Cinco de Mayo
6-Make a Book Day

23 April 2012

simple celebrations: april 23-29

This week's simple celebrations:
23-Picnic Day- Have a picnic!
24-Pigs-in-a-blanket Day
25-National Arbor Day
26-National Pretzel Day
27-Playground Safety Day
28-Poetry Reading Day
29-Zipper Day

16 April 2012

simple celebrations: april 16-22

This week's simple celebrations:
16-National Stress Awareness Day
17-Go Fly a Kite Day
18-Paul Revere Day
19-Patriot's Day
20-Cuckoo Day
21-Kindergarten Day
22-Earth Day and Jelly Bean Day

11 April 2012

chalkboard signs

I painted this chalkboard last summer. It's been a good investment, let me tell you.
When I run out of time to make signs for parties, I just whip this out and write a message.
To make your own, all you need is chalkboard spray paint and a frame.

09 April 2012

simple celebrations: april 9-15

This week's simple celebrations:
9-Astronaut's Day
10-National Sibling Day
11-Barbershop Quartet Day
12-Look up at the Sky Day
13-Scrabble Day
14-Titanic Struck on Iceberg
15-Tax Day

08 April 2012

easter greetings!

I don't think I've introduced you to Blake yet. He is the cutest little baby boy I know (or maybe I am just biased since I'm his mom.) Anyways, we've been having lots of fun together (hence my lack of creative and festive things lately.) He was kind enough though to let me put on some bunny ears for a little photo shoot so we could wish you a very happy Easter and Spring. 

Thanks for making it fun to keep this little blog of mine going. 
And a special thanks to Andrea and Marcelle for their festive posts lately!

06 April 2012

easter dinner table decor

Are you hosting Easter dinner? We hosted it last year, so I thought I would pass on a few ideas for you.
We used white dishes, colored square dessert plates from Ross, Tag Easter egg serving bowls, and had flower centerpieces. We made cheesy potatoes, glazed ham , jello eggs and fairy rolls. Oh, and we had little favors that our guests  had to hunt for. Good luck! 

04 April 2012

Quick, Easy, Easter Idea

Hey everyone! This is Melissa's friend Andrea with a quick Easter idea for you. I picked up these cute little bunny glasses from the dollar store . . .

Topped it with a little Easter Bunny tag . . .

And it's all set to make your little one very happy . . .

. . . Not to mention cute!

02 April 2012

simple celebrations: april 2-8

This week's simple celebrations:
April 2-National Peanut Butter and Jelly day- make a PB & J sandwich!
3-Find a Rainbow day
4-Library book day- check out a book from the library
5-Dandelion Day
6-Jump over things day- my husband will love this!
7-No House Work Day- Yahoo!


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