30 August 2012

donut bites for a party

These are my new favorite thing. Simply put a donut hole* into a mini-muffin paper and add a toothpick. These would be perfect for a breakfast party, shower, or just a mini dessert. Yummy, simple, and cute!

*They look fancy enough to pass as homemade. Like you were slaving for hours over them. But you don't have to. Now that is my kind of party food.

27 August 2012

happy back-to-school!

I love back-2-school time. That means fall is just around the corner! 
These are some simple first day of school treats I made for my YW. 

simple celebrations: august 27-september 2

This week's simple celebrations:
27-Banana Lovers Day
28-Dream Day
29-Mary Poppin's Birthday
30-National Toasted Marshmellow Day
31-Smile Day
September 1-American Cheese Day
2-National Blueberry Popsicle Day

20 August 2012

festive touches for a family reunion

I was co-in charge (is that a word?) of my family reunion this year. It was kind of crazy trying to coordinate with everyone's schedules and preferences, but we finally got it all together.

There were a few fun things I did to make the trip more festive and thought I'd share them with you. Keep in mind, all of these things were FUN for me and I in no way felt pressure or stress to do them. Because once it becomes not fun, I stop.

1. Logo
Yes, I designed a logo for the event. I know, I'm pathetic. But, I only spent like 2 minutes on it and figured that it would be fun to include it on all correspondence. You know, to make it more official.

2. Wristbands
I wanted to do give everyone something to wear during the trip, but honestly, I'm not a big fan of cheesy t-shirts or hats or bandannas. And I was on a really LOW budget. Plus, I knew that whatever I gave would go straight into the trash afterwards. So I decided on wristbands. They cost me $2 from the dollar store and were the perfect way to unify us without being too cheesy or noticeable.

To kick off King Camp, I turned on "We are Family" during breakfast while I handed them out. The fun music and wristbands got everyone excited for the days ahead.

3. Yellowstone Survival Kits 
Since we would be spending a day in Yellowstone, I made a survival kit for everyone. The kits included "Moose Munch"- a snack mix of m&m's, pretzels, kettle corn, and yellow and white cheez-its. I also thought a friendly adult competition would be fun. I made up some License Plate game sheets (with the logo :) and put them in the kits out to everyone before we went to the Yellowstone. The winner got Haribo gummy bears since Yellowstone is notorious for bears.

Besides the beautiful sights of Yellowstone, I think everyone's favorite part was running through parking lots to find the most license plates.

What fun things have you done to festify your family reunions??

simple celebrations: august 20-26

This week's simple celebrations:
20-Bad Hair Day
21-National Spumoni Day
22-National Punctuation Day
23-Eat a Peach Day
24-Shooting Star Day
25-Buttered Corn Day
26-Toilet Paper Birthday

13 August 2012

simple celebrations: august 13-19

This week's simple celebrations:
13-Kool-Aid Day
14-National Creamsicle Day
15-Angel Food Cake Day
16-International Tell a Joke Day
17-Wrench Birthday
18-Bad Poetry Day
19-Potato Day

06 August 2012

simple celebrations: august 6-12

This week's simple celebrations:
6-National Mustard Day
7-Beach Party Day
8-Swim Day
9-National Rice Pudding Day
10-Smore's Day
11-Play in the Sand Day
12-Gals Night Out


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