11 October 2012

halloween rice-krispy treats [recipe]

I needed a quick, but festive treat to take to a get-together.
Rice krispy treats are always a winner, but sometimes they can look a little boring.
I experimented sprucing them up a few years ago, but this time they turned out even better. 

I followed this simple recipe:

Festive Rice Krispy Treats
1/2 cup butter
10.5 oz marshmallows
6 cups rice krispy cereal
orange food coloring (or red and yellow)

Melt butter and add in marshmallows on medium heat. Once the marshmallows are 90% melted, add in the food coloring. For a bold color, use about 20 drops. Once you have reached the color you want, stir in the rice krispy cereal. Make sure you seperate the marshmallow mixture before you add food coloring if you are going to do two different colors. Mold into desired shapes before its sets up. Cool on wax paper and then store in air-tight container. 

To mold, I found it easiest to form them directly into the cookie cutter, as opposed to putting them in a pan and then cutting the desired shape. For the pumpkins, as soon as I molded them, I put them on wax paper and then sprinkled green sprinkles on the stem before they cooled.

And here are the ghosts. I think mini chocolate chips would look even better, but when you don't have time to run to the store, just use what you have! 

Enjoy these simple, cheap, and festive treats! 

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