05 December 2012

pom pom tree garland [DIY decor]

I've been sprucing up my Christmas decorations this year and this Pom-Pom Garland
was near the top of my list. It's tradition to get tin ornaments every year. Even though the tin ornaments are silver and gold, this garland does not take away from the classy look that I love, but gives it just the right amount of  modern pop with its bright colors.  

What you'll need: 
1" or larger pom-poms (Hobby Lobby had the cheapest) 
stitchery thread

Simply thread the needle and sew through each  pom-pom.
I did mine about 2-3" apart so I wouldn't run out, but it could also look good with them closer together. 
Hang on your tree or use on a mantle or to decorate for a holiday party.

Also, don't forget to put your shoe out by the tree tonight for St. Nicholas. 
If you are new to the tradition of St. Nicholas day, read about it here

1 comment:

  1. I think that looks really cute! Would you mind sharing a picture of your tree with it on? I'm trying decide if I should decorate my 3 little trees along with my big tree.



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