27 November 2012

christmas is coming!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 
Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can focus on Christmas! 
(My husband is trying to teach me to not be too excited for Christmas that I overlook Thanksgiving.)
I really do love Thanksgiving. But there are just so many festive things to do at Christmas.

I decided to pull all of my Christmas-related posts into this preview guide so that the ideas would be more accessible. I realize that many of you readers were not around when this first started., so I think (hope) it will be helpful. I know it will for me since some ideas get lost in the shuffle.  
And just for your reference, there will be a "Christmas Ideas" link at the top of the site that will have all of these ideas for quick reference, should you ever need to access them again. 
Some of these ideas are from previous posts and a few are posts that will be coming this month. So stay tuned for full details on them--in addition to some new ideas!

As always, I love hearing your traditions, favorite recipes, and ideas. If you would like to share any of your favorite holiday ideas, send an email to sofestive@gmail.com or post them on our Facebook page.  
The more ideas we all have, the merrier! 

Traditions & Activities 
Festive Food & Recipes

Crafts & Decor

Gift Ideas 

Sweet & Simple 12 days of Christmas
Christmas Eve Pajamas

Come back tomorrow for a look at my NEW advent calendars for the year...
and how you can make one of them! 

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