15 November 2012

thanksgiving-eve pie night [tradition]

One of my absolute favorite traditions that my husband's family does each year is a 
Thanksgiving-Eve Pie Night. 
It's brilliant for lots of reasons.
It ensures that we have pies made before Turkey-day=less stress.
It allows us to actually enjoy the pies because we aren't full from a giant turkey dinner.
Since we switch off which family we eat Thanksgiving dinner with, it means we at least get one night with my husband's family. 

I know what you are thinking. What? You eat pies the night before?  Yes, we do. But that doesn't mean we don't eat them again on Thanksgiving. There are always plenty of leftovers to eat on actual Thanksgiving. This way, we just get to enjoy them more. Twice actually. And no one complains. :)

Does anyone else have this tradition?  

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