06 April 2011

Dollar Store Easter Decor

I found just what I was looking for at the dollar store-- a bag of plastic Easter eggs. 
Usually I would pass over these since I seem to have a bunch already. 
However, these eggs were a little different than normal. 
The eggs had holes in the top and they were just the kind I was looking for. 
Why? Let me tell you what I did with them.

First, I dumped them out and arranged them in the order I wanted.
Look how pretty! 

Then, I took some embroidery floss (because that is what I had) and tied alternating 
long and short pieces onto the eggs. 
You could also use fish line, white thread or string.
See how the holes come in handy for this decoration?

Then I taped them to my mantle for a fun and cheap way to decorate for Easter.

I'm also envisioning how festive it would be to have a whole bunch
of these eggs hanging over the dining table for Easter dinner. 
The possibilities are endless!

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