10 January 2011

F.O.A.D.: 5 things to do with a glass jar

This inaugural "Festify on a dime" post will hopefully give you a better idea of what this whole series is about. It's all about being able to festive without a lot of expense.

Since there aren't many exciting things happening in January, this week's posts will fall under the theme of

5 things to do with a glass jar

And just if you don't think there are five festive things to do with a glass jar, well, you just wait and I'll prove it.

#1 Love Jar

When my husband’s parents were moving, they were throwing out this large glass jar. I knew I wanted it when I saw it. I’ve come up with quite a few ideas for it, which explains why it always moving around our house.

But this time of year, it will be debuting as our Love Note Jar. I tied a few ribbons (saved from gifts) around it to look festive for Valentine's Day. I also cut a few small squares of red, pink, and white paper.

Until Valentine's Day, my husband and I can write little love notes to each other. We'll plop them in the jar and then on Valentine's Day, we'll get to read them all as part of our festivities.

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