31 January 2011

Groundhog Day Tradition from Heather

My husband's family has the strangest ground hog's day tradition. They make "ground hog" (sausage) and pancakes for dinner but then after dinner everyone makes a wish and throws pancakes on top of the fridge.

You stand about 10 feet away, make a wish, close your eyes and then throw the pancake over your shoulder. If it lands on top of the fridge your wish comes true. You can throw the pancake as many times as you like. It is really strange but really fun.

I guess that it is an old Cajun tradition that his aunt discovered when they lived in Louisiana. So it may be authentic or they might just be a bunch of weirdos but it sure makes groundhogs day a bit more exciting --not to mention when you find pancakes behind the fridge a year later!

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