09 December 2010

Your very own Christmas Book

In my collection of Christmas books that I pull out each year, one of my favorites is titled, “The Christmas Past of the Sunday Family”. It contains Christmas memories for all of the Christmases that we have been a family. We love looking through it. It’s so fun to reminisce on past Christmases and remember things we normally would not. Even though we keep a journal and a blog, it’s nice to have all of our Christmas memories recorded in one place.

If you want a book for your own family, you're in luck! I've put it together so all you have to do is add in your memories. And I'm betting you have a lot of them. There are 2 ways to get it:

For $25: Printed. Bound. Shipped. Your Christmas Past Book will come to your doorstep ready to use. No effort on your part.

For $5: PDF Print Yourself. Your book will be emailed to you as PDF. This option allows you to bind and print it however you like.

Both options include:

  • Cover with your family name printed
  • 60 pages marked for each year through Christmas 2019
  • Room to record festive gatherings, holiday highlights, traditions, gift giving and a place to keep all of your holiday cards (because let's be honest, what would we do with them otherwise?)
I’ll take orders until December 17th, so they will be sure to get to you in time for Christmas. If after the holidays you change your mind and want to order one, I’ll take orders again after the 27th.

I've made some updates to your book that will make it better than mine. For a sneak peek of what your So Festive Christmas Past book will look like, click here.

Email sofestive@gmail.com if you have any questions. These would also make a great gift!!

To order, use the paypal button at the top of the sidebar -->

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