19 May 2010

Party Planning 101

I LOVE throwing parties. It doesn't matter if it's a dinner party, shower, game night, or other occasion, I LOVE having people over. In fact, last spring I threw 3 showers in a 1 month period. People thought I was crazy. I got questions like, "How you do it?" and "Aren't you sick of showers yet?" Truth be told, it was a lot of work, but I guess that's the type of work I would chose any day.

I've hosted lots of get-togethers in my day. And honestly, it is getting easier and easier. I think the more you do, the easier it gets.

So...for the next little while (while we have a holiday break) on SO FESTIVE!, I'm going to share some of my insights, some of the things I've learned, and hopefully give you the courage to try (if you need it) or just some helpful hints when it comes to party planning. I'll give you some ideas for the following parts of any party...

  • Invitations
  • Food
  • Hosting tips
  • Themed party ideas
  • More
I'm not an expert and I'm still learning as I go. Hopefully though my professional and personal experience as an event planner will help you see how easy it can really be.

And just to give you credit--I have seen some of the fun and festive things you have done when it comes to decorations, food, invitations, etc. Find what you have a passion for and go off that! As always, feel free to email in some of your tips so I can feature them!

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