07 January 2010

Secret Valentines

I know. It's only January and it seems like Christmas was just here yesterday. But since we may all be suffering from a little PCB (Post-Christmas Blues), I thought it would be fun to start thinking about some Valentine's ideas. If you are like me, you like having things to look forward to. So, I guess its not too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Then again, the stores had their shelves stocked with Valentine's goodies before Christmas was even over (but we will save that for another post).

The week before Valentine's Day, we would draw a name of someone in our family. That person became our "secret valentine". For an entire week, we were supposed to do little acts of service like make their bed, unload the dishwasher for them, make their lunch, do their chore, etc. In addition to acts of kindness, we would also leave little treats on their bed or surprises in their room like a balloon with candy, or their favorite treat.

Valentine's Day was the culmination of the Secret Valentine activity because that is when we would reveal who our Secret Valentine was.

After doing this one year, we loved it so much that we made a tradition out of it. It is a fun tradition no matter how old or young your kids are.

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