21 January 2010

Poster Board Valentines

My name is Emily and every year (since we were dating) my husband and I follow the same Valentine tradition.

We each get a poster board and 5 to 10 candy bars. We then write a story using those candy bars as fillers for the words.

For example, with Mr. Goodbar, Snickers, Milky Way, Hot Tamales, a Hershey bar, 5th Avenue, Hershey Kisses, and Good and Plenty you could write, "One day Ms. HERSHEY's went for a walk. Life was GOOD AND PLENTY and she had no idea that she would meet her true love that day. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted one HOT TAMALE standing on the corner of 5TH AVENUE and Main. Wanting to go over, but being nervous, she hesitated. That MR. GOODBAR

saw this and SNICKERED. He walked right over and with one smile and a KISS he swept her off her feet, flew her to the moon, and over the MILKY WAY. They now live happily ever after with a little BABY RUTH on the way!"

Sometimes you need to change the candy bar a little...cover up an "s" or add an "ed." I've also spelled out "kiss" with the hershey kisses before. Most years we've had the same exact candy bars, but sometimes we switch it up and surprise the other with our choices of candy bars. It's fun to make the story about your significant other or make a list of "10

why I love you." ...not every reason needs to have a candy bar in it.

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