12 January 2010

Candy Bar Valentines

Valentine gifts can be simple and made with things you have around the house. I always keep a stash of scrapbook paper and chocolate. You just never know when you will need either. And they came in handy today as I made some candy bar valentines. They were very simple.

First, find some scraps of scrapbook paper. You don't need very much and you can even use plain colors such as white, red, or pink. I happened to have some designed paper that I put to good use. And get a chocolate bar. I used a large Symphony, but you can do this with a normal size candy bar as well.

Next, remove the old wrapper from the candy bar and replace it with a piece of scrapbook paper. Make sure you tape the bottom portion so the new wrapper is nice and secure.

Then, add some rafia and a tag of some sort. I actually made my own and they were super easy. I'll have to do another post on that sometime. Rafia just always makes things like extra cute and like you spent a lot of time on it (but that is our little secret :)

Finally, you have your Candy Bar Valentines. This would be a very sweet treat for your kids, roommates, friends, or co-workers.

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