09 January 2010

Heart Notes

My dear friend Annie gave me such a fun wedding gift. I know this isn't a wedding blog, but everything she gave us were things we could use to celebrate our first Valentine's Day. And since we are talking about Valentine's Day ideas, I thought I would share some of them. There are just simple things, but you can do so much with them.

1st: Heart Post-It Notes
It is fun to use these post-its for secret love notes. In fact, last Valentine's Day, I wrote all sorts of cheesy sayings and hid them around the house. My husband even found some of them days later and got really got a kick out of them. Some of the sayings were:
  • You're hot (on the front of the oven)
  • I see so much goodness in you (on the mirror)
  • You dish me so happiness (in the plate cupboard)
  • You are a picture perfect husband (on a photo)
  • You give me the chills (freezer)
  • Turn me on (TV)
  • I love spooning with you (in the silverware drawer)
  • You rock my world (on a rocking chair)
  • You light up my life (light switch or lamp)
Now, I'll let you be creative and write some of you own (wink wink :)

2nd: Heart Silicone Baking Cups

I used these to make heart baking cups to make heart cupcakes or breakfast muffins. But I also used them as a candy cup when I had guests over for a dinner party. The possibilities are endless!

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