29 March 2011

FOAD: Easter decor

A little while ago I was at a thrift store with a friend. We found matching "holy grails" as my husband would call them. And for lack of a better name, a holy grail is what it was. It only cost $1.

We knew it could be used for something. I decided to use mine for Easter decor. 
I put it on a piece of newspaper and gave it a fresh coat of Krylon's Ocean Breeze spray paint. 

I am using it to hold our speckled Easter eggs. I love the way it turned out! 
And I especially loved that it only cost $1! You would be surprised at the things
you can do with things you already have around your house.


  1. Melissa, I love how it turned out! That blue is so perfect. That will motivate me to do mine now.... which is what I need.

  2. Love this bowl. You make me want to go to DI.



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