21 September 2010

Cookie Contest Recipe #1

I made one of the cookie recipes over the weekend. The dough was amazing! And the cookies were really good too. I just wish I knew why my cookies turn out flat. Maybe its the oven?

My husband rated them a 7 1/2-8.


  1. what is the fat in you recipe?? if you use half butter and half shortning instead of all butter and beat the wet ingredients with beaters for a good 3-5 minutes before you add your dry ingredients your cookies will be more fluffy. =) once i switched my snickerdoodles to this, they became fluffy and delicious!!

  2. thanks for the tip! i'll have to try this

  3. Also, you might have not used quite enough flour. I know with my recipe (which is delicious, I will send it to you), they will flatten if not enough is used!

  4. Don't melt your butter. Just let it sit out at room temperature until it is soft enough to use. I find that makes the difference with my cookies. And like LeAnna said the longer you beat the (wet ingredients) mainly the eggs and butter together it emulsifies the fat in the butter, for some reason the chemistry involved in that allows for fluffier cookies.



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