02 September 2010

A contest...you in?

So with all this back-2-school festiveness in the air, I've decided to hold a little contest.

I loved coming home from school to an afternoon snack of homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Its a good thing I don't have kids yet because I have yet to perfect any chocolate chip cookies that could be suitable for an after-school snack.

That is where you come in.

I am in search of the best, no- fail (because I'm good at failing) chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It's come down to this. I will make every recipe I receive. I'll post pics and let you know how they turn out. And then I'll choose the winner. The winner will be determined by how good the cookie turns out. My husband will even be the judge so it won't be biased.

To enter:
1. Email your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (and detailed instructions) to sofestive@gmail.com
2. Entries will be accepted until September 16th.

Depending on how many recipes I get, I'll make them over a period of time (wouldn't want to get fat now), but I'll keep you updated on the process.

I'll post the winner on this blog and the winner will receive a SUPER AWESOME PRIZE. I have yet to determine what it will be. And while this may deter you from entering, let me promise you that it will be very cool. Besides, we have lots of festive holidays coming up. And I promise it will be festive and worth your time. Maybe a holiday decor basket and goodies?

Thanks in advance for your help.

May the best chocolate chip cookie win!

1 comment:

  1. Nice, I have the best recipe so I know I'm going to win! I'll email it soon!



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