13 March 2010

Green Mean Machines

We love having "Green Mean Machines" on St. Patrick's Day for dessert. I'm not sure where we got the name for this, but since I can remember, I have looked forward to having Green Mean Machines on St. Patrick's day. And I still do. After you have a green dinner, try this simple, but refreshing dessert drink.

Green Mean Machines

1/4 gallon Lime Sorbet
1 liter Sprite or 7-up (more or less for thicker/thinner)
Mix these ingredients in a blender until you get your desired consistency. I like it thick, so I am very generous on the sorbet.



  1. you're so cute and thought I should tell you I love the idea of this blog. sorry I don't check it as often as I'd like

  2. Love that idea Melissa!! We are sooo going to do this!



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