22 March 2010

easter bunny game

This game is a childhood favorite! We would love to gather with the neighborhood kids in our front yard and play the Easter Bunny game. This could be really fun for a Easter party or family activity.

How to play: select one person as the "Easter bunny". Everyone else stands in a group on one end of the playing area. Everyone huddles and chooses an Easter egg color or design. Then you begin as follows....

(Easter bunny says ): "Knock Knock"
(Everyone else says):"Who's There"
(EB): "The Easter Bunny"
(Everyone): "What do you want?"
(EB): "Colored Eggs"
(Everyone): "What color?"

Then as the Easter bunny names off colors of eggs, the person with that color must run to the designated spot (like a tree). The games keeps going until either the Easter bunny tags everyone or everyone makes it to the tree.

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