15 January 2013

homemade glitter glue

Remember how we were the 3 Amigos for Halloween?
I never did get around to sharing how we made our costumes for under $25.
But now that the holidays are over and we'll be keeping ourselves busy with indoor crafts, now is the perfect time to let you know my little secret. I used what clothes we already had first and then picked up the rest of the pieces at a thrift store.The real key to making them so cheaply was by making my own glitter glue.

Seriously, who wants to spend $4 for a tiny tube of glitter glue? 
I knew I would use a ton and I wasn't about to fork out a fortune for glitter glue.

So I made my own. It was really easy and super cheap.
All you need is: Elmer's glue and glitter.
Mix the glitter and glue together in a bowl until it reaches your preferable consistency.

Scoop it into a bag and then snip off a corner of it to apply.
Or you can really splurge and buy a frosting applicator in the cake section.

Apply it to fabric*, paper, or anything else!
Plan ahead because it will take overnight to completely dry.
This is how our costumes turned out with our Homemade Glitter Glue.

* I wouldn't recommend machine washing any fabrics that have homemade glitter glue on them.
Spot wash by hand only. 

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