14 March 2012

pie day

I wasn't sure if we would get around to celebrating Pie Day this year because of a new baby, but because he is so good, we were able to pull it off. I put together this invitation: (I chose red gingham because when I think of Pie, that is what comes to mind. That became the theme for the decor)

I went all out and made 3 new pies this year! I made a Banana Toffee, Triple Berry Threat, and Toll House Cookie pie. They were all amazing, but my favorite was the Banana Toffee.

It was really fun trying out a lattice top for the Triple Berry Threat. By the way, isn't that a festive name for a pie? My sister is so good at naming delectable desserts. Back to the lattice. I thought making a lattice top would be very time consuming and tricky, but with the help of these instructions, it took me 10 minutes tops! I think this may be my favorite new thing to make. It is so easy and looks so fancy!  
I have loved seeing mason jars being used more these days. 
I used one to hold the forks. And can't forget the gingham ribbon accent!

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