28 January 2012

12 days of valentines ideas

I came across the 12 days of Valentine's Idea last year, but never got around to doing it. Since I just did the 12 days of Christmas, I think I'll hold off for another year yet again, but I thought it was cute! Tweak it to make it more personalized. 

Day 1 - one balloon that says "I Love You"
Day 2 - two coupons for various special favors or treats
Day 3 - three love songs, some taped and some written words, that mean something special to you
Day 4 - four love poems, handwritten
Day 5 - five terms of endearment
Day 6 - six chocolate candy hearts
Day 7 - seven flowers
Day 8 - eight heart shaped cookies
Day 9 - nine message heart candies
Day 10 - ten reasons (of the millions) why I love him
Day 11 - eleven Hershey's hugs and kisses
Day 12- (Valentine's) - twelve ways to say "I Love You"

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