25 February 2011

Themed Party: a SDRAWKCAB party

In case you couldn't read the title, the party for today's post is

A Backwards Party

I was in charge of a youth activity about a year ago and this theme was such a hit! I made it even more specific and had a Backwards Back-to-School party, but a simple Backwards party will do just fine. I wouldn't suggest it for young kids, but teenagers + will love it.

  • If you don't already have a backwards font on your computer, download one. Print the invitations backwards and give instructions for your guests to read the invitation in the mirror.
  • Instruct your guests to dress backwards
  • Eat your meal backwards. So that means...dessert first! You will want to choose a dessert that isn't too rich so that you're guests won't get sick.
Activity ideas:
  • Backwards water run- divide into two teams. Have one member from each team fill their spoon with water from a full bowl and run backwards to a certain point where an empty bucket is. They drop their water in the empty bowl and run backwards back to their team. Team members rotate through until the bowl is filled. The first team to fill their bowl wins.
  • Have an obstacle course where team members have to put on backwards apparel, run backwards, etc.
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