21 February 2011

Themed Party: A 'Tie' Party

My husband and I threw a 'tie' birthday party for my older brother. We were inspired by our friends Scott and Marcelle who had a 'thai' party just a few weeks earlier. We took some of their ideas like the sweet sushi (see below) and added some of our own twists to the night. (Excuse the un-professional photos. This was from a few years ago)

Activity ideas:
  • Your guests will need to be dressed for the occasion. So, before the party begins, wrap up one tie for each guest. As soon as all of your guests arrive, have each one select a package to open. They have to wear that tie for the night...which leads us to the next activity...

  • Have someone teach the group how to tie a tie
  • Make sweet sushi (see food)

Food ideas:
  • Sweet sushi. You could serve the real fishy stuff, but since we knew our guest wouldn't love it, we went with this sweet alternative. All you need is: twinkies, fruit roll-ups and chopped up gummi bears.
(sorry again for the poor photo)
  • To make it, cut twinkies in about 1 inch pieces. Wrap with fruit roll-up. Then put swedish fish (full or chopped up) on top. Voila!
  • Cheese breadsticks
  • Bacon wrapped turkey

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