18 June 2010

First Day of Summer

So the first day of summer may not be an "official" holiday, but who says we can't celebrate it anyway? Actually, I never celebrated the first day of summer growing up. To me, if school was out, then it was just another glorious day in the sun. Until I heard my friend's tradition, that is.

My good friend from college told me about a tradition that her family does on the first day of summer, which this year is June 21st. And boy, I would never forget the first day of summer again. Ready for this?

For dinner on the first day of summer, they eat ICE CREAM! What a child's paradise (and maybe a parent's nightmare, but I'm sure you could tailor it to your family). They have other, more substantial food to go along with it, but everyone can eat the ice cream they want--and first at that! I think this is such a fun and TASTY tradition, don't you?
You have a few days to pick up your favorite flavors and surprise your whole family for dinner on June 21st! Plus, this might just be the easiest dinner you will fix the entire year :)

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