28 February 2012

Leap year time capsules

Hello everyone! I haven't had much time to be festive since my little boy joined our family. Not that I'm complaining. But I did want to share a few fun ideas for leap day that is on Wednesday.

When I was growing up, my mom gave us 29 nickels for leap day. To a kid that seems like a fortune. We got to spend it on whatever we wanted. I told you I owe my restiveness to my mom.

I work with the youth in my area. Some of the other leaders came up with a festive activity for the girls to do on Wednesday. They will be making time capsules to open in 4 years. They each get a no. 10 can to fill with objects, a letter to themselves and anything else. They will get to seal it off even.

Since I won't be there, I think I will have my own little family make one to open in 4 years. isn't that a fun idea? Happy Leap Day!

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