02 May 2011

DIY: Flower Cookies

 What you'll need: sugar cookie dough, wood skewer sticks, large gum drops, frosting (optional)

 First, make some sugar cookie dough. 
Next, cut the dough using a flower cookie cutter.

Before you bake it, take a skewer and make a small hole in the middle, like this: 

Bake according to the recipe and let cool.
If you want to frost the cookies, do so now.
I used the glace icing recipe from Our Best Bites.

Cut the gumdrops in half length-wise. 
Take the bottom half and slide it down about 1/2 inch on the skewer.

Then slide the cookie down.

Then put on the top of the gum drop. 
Repeat until all the cookies are done.

Put them all together in vase and you have a Springy edible bouquet!
It's perfect for a centerpiece. 

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