29 November 2010

50 Christmas Activities

I always have good intentions of doing one Christmas activity a day during the month of December, but without a little planning, it just doesn't happen. So this year, I decided to make a list of all the possible Christmas activities we could do. Each day we'll pick one depending on how much time we have. My goal was to come up with at least 25, but as you'll see, this list is a bit longer... You'll find the descriptions for lots of these in the Archives.

What are some of your favorite Christmas/holiday activities?

1. Decorate sugar cookies and take them to a neighbor
2. Decorate the Christmas tree
3. Put up Christmas lights
4. Drive to see the Christmas lights
5. Make gingerbread houses
6. Visit Temple Square
7. Make a countdown to Christmas candy chain
8. Go Christmas shopping
9. Get a picture taken with Santa
10. Go caroling at the hospital
11. Read Christmas stories
12. Sleep out by the Christmas tree
13. Celebrate St. Nicholas Day
14. Watch a Christmas movie
15. Go to a nativity display
16. Make Christmas candy
17. Dip pretzels
18. Do a Sub-4-Santa
19. Drink hot cocoa on the front porch
20. Celebrate Advent
21. Host a Christmas open house
22. Read the nativity story
23. Try a new Christmas recipe
24. Start a Christmas Jar
25. Wrap presents
26. Watch Elf
27. Watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional
28. Build a snowman
29. Drink hot chocolate on the porch with Grasshopper cookies
30. Carol around the neighborhood
31. Write letters to Santa
32. Start a new Christmas tradition
33. Host a Holiday Open House for neighbors and friends
34. Watch Home Alone
35. Go to an outdoor ice skating rink
36. Dance to Christmas music
37. Make a homemade gift
38. Watch Miracle on 34th Street
39. Write and mail Christmas cards
40. Cut down your own Christmas tree
41. Have a Christmas-around-the world night
42. Make a Christmas craft
43. Go to a light parade
44. Go to a free Christmas concert
45. Attend the city's tree lighting ceremony
46. Read the Christmas Carol
47. Read the Scripture Advent each night
48. Do a Christmas card or ornament exchange
49. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
50. String popcorn for the tree

1 comment:

  1. My mom, being from Switzerland and all, instigated tons of traditions. To name a few: we put real candles on the real tree, bake Swiss cookies all month long to give to friends/neighbors, do the 4 advent Sundays' wreath, celebrate the 6th of December for St. Nickolas Tag (Day), sing as many Christmas songs as possible on the eve of the 24th, each of us had our own advent calendar complete with daily treats inside each pocket, did the 12 days of Christmas for another family (12 days before Christmas we dropped off gifts anonymously), and on Christmas Day we open presents ONE by ONE. :) Enjoy!!



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