14 February 2012

happy valentine's day!

I hope you had a festive Valentine's Day. I thought this baby would be here by now, so I didn't want to go overboard with Valentine's plans. But since it isn't here yet, I was able to pull off a few festive things since it was my turn to plan Valentine's Day this year. (By the way, I love that we take turns planning Valentine's Day and our Anniversary every year. It takes out all the guessing of how much to do.) Anyways, I came across these festive heart cinnamon rolls on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? If so, we should be friends.

These heart cinnamon rolls were super easy. I used my favorite dough recipe and filled it like normal. Instead of starting from one end and making one giant roll, I rolled each side to the middle. Does that make sense? That way, you are forming the top of the heart. Then, after you cut each piece, you pinch the bottom to form the bottom part of the heart like this:

Here they are after they baked. They don't look quite as cute, but you can still tell they are hearts.

I'm definitely going to be making these again next year or for an anniversary. They were a hit! Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!

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  1. What's your pinterest account name? I can't find you.



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