12 December 2012

12-12-12! And 12 days of CHRISTMAS ideas

Happy 12-12-12! 
Do something simple to make it memorable.
Speaking of 12's, tomorrow starts the 12 days of Christmas.
Unintentionally, I have done some sort of 12 days of Christmas for the past few years. 
I thought I'd compile some of the things I have done, in addition to some other 12 days ideas that I love.

#1- Sweet & Simple 12 Days of Christmas
I already posted this one here, but if you need a quick go-to idea, this  is it!
#2- 12 Dates of Christmas
Before we had a baby, I planned 12 Christmas dates for my husband and I for the month of December.
Some were simple and free, and a few cost money and were more elaborate. It was so much fun!
These were the dates we did:
1. Visit the Old World Christmas Market at the Gateway
2. First Day of December Candlelight Dinner
3. Open "It's a Wonderful Life" and watch it by the fire
4. Go to the Festival of Trees
5.  Went on a World Nativity tour
6. Saw Tangled at the expensive theater- we never do that!
7. Went doll shopping for a Secret Santa project
8. Went to the David Archuleta Christmas Concert
9. Go to the Wasatch Lawn Christmas Luminary Display
10. Went to the Christmas Utah light display
11. Visited Temple Square
12. Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and exchanged a simple gift.

#3-12 Acts of Service 
I like the idea of doing 12 random acts of service.

#4- 12 Days of Christmas Stories 
Originally, I got this idea from my friend Andrea (who contributes to this blog). She wraps up 25 stories and reads them each day with her children as a countdown. Unfortunately, my Christmas story collection isn't that big, so we will be doing 12 days of stories. This would be a fun gift for someone as well!

#5-12 Days of Nativity Scriptures 
I received a 12-piece nativity set from a friend a few years ago. I've always just set it out as part of my decorations, but this year, we'll be adding one piece to the nativity each night after we read a scripture telling us about that certain piece.

#6- 12 Days of Christm"US"
One year, I gave my husband 12 gifts that were pertinent to just "US" since it was our last Christmas before our first child was born. A lot of them were inexpensive, but had a funny memory or inside joke related to each one. 

Have fun! 

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