01 June 2011

DIY: Fancy Summer Strawberries

It's June! That means summer is just around the corner.
I have lots of fun summer things coming up,

First up...Fancy Summer Strawberries

What you'll need: 
fresh strawberries, peach yogurt, cool whip, melted chocolate

First, clean the strawberries and let drain on a paper towel.

Then, cut out the center with a peeler or knife. 

Mix together the yogurt and cool whip. 
(There is no magic ratio--just mix until it tastes how you want it)

Then, fill the center of the strawberries with the yogurt mixture.

Cut the very tip of the bottom off so the strawberry will stand up on the plate. 

Finally, drizzle the melted chocolate over the strawberries. 

Refrigerate until you are ready to serve. Perfect for a summer BBQ or dinner party.

1 comment:

  1. um hello, this looks AMAZING! Totally going to make these :)



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