05 April 2010

Storing Easter Eggs

Is anyone else sad that Easter is over? I love all the bright spring colors that you get to decorate with. Anyways, one thing I don't like about Easter is storing all the Easter eggs. It seems like it takes up so much space. I guess you could just get new plastic ones each year, but I am too cheap to do that since they are still in great shape.

As I was putting away ours today, I was trying to think of way to store them that would minimize space. I came up with this:

I separated all the top pieces from the bottom pieces. In one ziploc bag, I stacked all the top pieces together. I stacked all the bottom pieces together in another bag. I sealed the bags up tight and viola...

2 very condensed bags of 24 Easter eggs.

They take up such little room in my holiday decor box now.

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