26 September 2012


Remember when we did the Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest?
It was a huge success and we got lots of requests to hold another contest. So here we are.
Now that Fall is in the air, we're in the mood to eat soup for dinner. 
The only problem is, our collection of soup recipes is very limited. 
And in my husband's opinion, soup has to be hearty to count it as a meal.
So we are on a quest. To find the best soup recipes out there.
We are hoping you will help us!

To Participate:
1. Email your favorite soup recipe to sofestive@gmail.com
2. Be sure to include any special directions.

We will be making the recipes we receive
and ALL of the recipes that become a favorite* will receive a prize.

A favorite soup is described as:
1. One that we want to make again
2. One that is added to our list of favorite meals
3. One that is not based on cream of ___ condensed soup
4. One that is fairly simple and quick to make

Of course, we will try and keep this as unbiased as possible.
My husband will be the ultimate judge (since he won't know who's recipe it is),
but it will need to pass my approval as well.

Now get busy and send in those souper recipes. 
The deadline is this Sunday, September 30th.
You can email them to sofestive@gmail.com.


  1. I will definitely be sending our favorite recipe along soon.
    Thanks for your list of random holidays. We switched our breakfast menu to celebrate National Pancake Day today. So fun! And I can hardly wait to celebrate Broadway Musical day this weekend (and force all my family to celebrate with me)

  2. I love this! Post all of the favorites--soup is a staple around here and I always want new recipes.



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